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The digital, content driven marketplace has created an environment where slick, sales-driven, click bait is king and quality writing, experimental writing, revealing writing is on its last breaths.

Publishers want to print books that already have a market and readership which means everything is starting to sound the same.

The less risk publishers are willing to take on, the support and financing is available for writers to take on risks and produce quality work.

Bare Naked Writing will explore and promote quality work from writers who connect with readers on that raw, personal, honest level that reveals the truth of the human condition.

Content will include original work as well as literary criticism, interviews with authors, interviews with readers and essays on craft and building your own artistic talent stack including the creative courage that will set you apart from the crowd.

I am motivated by an unrelenting drive to move away from the processed, market driven, overly filtered impersonal writing popular today to promote and support Bare Naked Writing instead.

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